Lenbrook Group

CHHA Affiliate

Founded in 1978, The Lenbrook Group of Companies has grown from being a national wholesale distributor of commercial two-way communications devices and premium consumer electronics brands, to adding capabilities in manufacturing and global channel and brand management. Today, Lenbrook International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Lenbrook Group, owns, designs and manufactures innovative technologies and products for discerning music lovers around the world through its three brands, NAD Electronics, PSB Speakers, and Bluesound wireless multi-room systems.

Lenbrook also continues its leadership in channel management as a distributor for its own brands, as well as renowned consumer audio brands like Tivoli, through its subsidiaries Lenbrook Americas and Lenbrook Asia, and through an extensive network of distribution partners. Lenbrook Canada Solutions is a national partner to Motorola and Vertex, offering commercial two-way communications devices to a broad array of industries, bringing unparalleled efficiency to commercial communications.

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